Wife is having an affair

If you let him do you like that, he knows he can do it and will continue to do it. Put your feet down, and do not let anyone walk all over you. Could not have been me. I am so disturbed by your post. Why was she even allowed in your home while you were gone? You need to set some serious boundries of what is appropriate ina marriage and what is not. Not only that but what appropriate treatment of you is. Your husband is treating you horribly.

Kick him to the curb or make sure he commits to therapy and some serious changes! You are WAY nicer about it than I woulda been. There is no way I would put up with a girl at my house while I was gone. Disrespectful on both their parts. And no way would I let him go hang at her house. You deserve so much better.

Hope things get better for you. Please be calm all is going to be alright Seek the face of God, I believe the Almighty God will restore all that is lost. My husband does almost the same tjing. He only sees me when he wants sex or he is hungry.

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  • Affair Test. How To Know If Your Spouse Is Having An Affair.

I am so hurt. I truly believe he wants me to leave him. Reading your story I know exactly how you feel and it is a pain like no one should ever have to feel. If you could go away together, she is wanting to hear you say she is beautiful, and her body is beautiful,etc. In Italy, the whole body is beautiful,. Be loving, and ask her if she wants to recomite, to you faithfully.

A licience is only what you both, choose today to put in to it. You could go seperatly to a councilor. But she needs to make a choice, to try. Blind infatuation is dangerous. Take care. To love someone for the rest of your life is in every way a personal choice and one you have to commit to everyday of your life and its seems since this affair of the mind begins with your spouse the ball is in her court and all you can do is assess your own behavior and hope she measures the value of the sanctity of your marriage correctly.

Ask your wife what does she wants actually in her life so think about your next decision. What she had done was not good and right. Also, friends of ours seem to now be making excuses to leave when my wife and I are together in their company. I have also notice that if we go to our local pub and guess who turns up? I waited until her phone was unattended and checked text and whatsapp nothing. Finally checking Messenger I found something. I approached our friend who said that they were aware that something was going on and had been for a few weeks.

They also showed me a text from him to my friend asking to check on my wife as he though that me upset her.

Why Have You Started to Wonder if Your Wife is Having an Affair?

I checked again later and all Messenger entries had been deleted. We have children and to potentially break up the family on hearsay and rumor would be stupid. I ran into that about 12 yrs ago and I said that you can either continue with him and I will file for divorce, or you can remember why we got married in the first place. If anything else, give her a taste of her own medicine. Fake an account and have similar conversations. This may sound underhanded, but this will accomplish several things.

I hope that it works out for you and I hope the very best for you and your marriage. Not disagreeing with your response, but i would not recommend it. It will just hurt the relationship more. You cannot even out betrayal with betrayal. She seems to be in the affair fog and this is all a fantasy. He will tell her anything and everything to get what he wants and will make you out to be the bad guy. All emotional affairs become physical. I found out 6 months ago my husband of 25 yrs was having a emotional affair that had turned physical. She was just there at the right place at the right time.

But if you want to save your marriage or if she wants to save your marriage then she can not continue to talk to this guy. No if ands or buts about it. Good luck to you!! Oh my goodness Bryan this just happened to me, but it is my husband of 24 years, ouhc. Email anytime. And trust in God. I am so sorry you are going through this.. I would encourage you to join for the support group.. I am so sorry for what has happened. It is good that you acknowledged what you did and are willing to do what it takes to repair it. We have another one on how to save your marriage after an affair.

My Husband is having an affair. He brings her in our home. She is a young person she live two streets from us. I really frustrated? Why was your heart empty with him, your x. What trigered you to go elsewhere. Threw counciling you can learn why you left, for real. You have to have it together your self first, to. Have a good relationship.

Both individuals ,with their own identities. The trust can be mendid , but,it has cut into the commitment, just see if both will seperatly go get to the bottom of the problem, and forgive, and go on. Calm down. Put a plan together. Communication is key but you have to be accountable for the choices you have made. Ask for forgiveness 7 times says the Bible. I am so sorry for the pain you are experiencing. We believe Marriage is worth fighting for. It is your decision though. If you choose to fight for your marriage. I would like to know if my partner is having a affair. What are the signs.

How can I know for sure. How can I confront him. We do have a free guide on how to know if your spouse is having an affair. I thinkhe is cheating. I am in the same boat.. I have proof, for myself, but he will most likely deny it.. This is KILLING me inside and while his actions to conceal all of this indicates he cares for me, he still is seeing this other woman and shows nothing to make me think he will give it up for the sake of us.

Hi my name is Kimberly too..


I feel compelled to answer you. I am divorced from a chronic cheater. The first sign is the fact that you are questioning. Trust your intuition. Is he secretive with his phone? Huge sign! Working late always? Is there no intimacy when you have sex? Is he still loving towards you? Is he into a lot of porn? Watch and listen. Men cannot lie. Something he will say or do will just hm. At some point the truth will come to light. I feel you. I hope your relationship has gone better after 2 years.

My troubles are just starting. I find restaurant debits on his card.


He is never social. He never had any friend or spent time with them. I need help on how to stop him from enjoying his weekends so much. Are there latent spiritual concerns after a spouse has had a past long term adulterous relationship with a practicing pagan…. In this case the non offending spouse has forgiven without a confession….

My husband is cheating on me with another woman. Please help me save my marriage. I just want to say I am so sorry for every ones pain. I was in this situation a year and a half ago and I know how earth shattering and devastating it is. My husband and I had been together 15 years married for 4. For the last couple years prior to my husbands affair we had grown very distant. He did his thing and I did mine. I was very preoccupied with my father and my daughter and a full time job.

My mother had passed and my father was severely depressed and I have a child with special needs who had recently had a spinal fusion for scoliosis. There was complications after surgery which landed us in the hospital for two and a half months and after my daughters ordeal and almost loosing her I had become very clingy with her. I had developed seperation anxiety. It was very hard to focus on anything except her and her needs and still try to make sure my dad was ok.

I was a mess. I started seeing a therapist and after a few sessions we started duscussing my husband and I. I was told that i was placing him on the back burner and he needed me to. Well two weeks later I got the most shocking news of my life. He was having an affair for two months. To try to shorten this a little.

I was totally devastated. We both wanted to make our marriage work. So here I am as proof a year and a half later you can make it work and even make it better. We are closer now than we have been in years. He cut off all ties with the other woman. And is very sorry for what he did to me.

How do you know for sure that he has cut ties? I am not trying to cause problems, I just want to know. How did you stop seeing visions of the two of them when you closed your eyes? I have not slept in sooo long and am numb. Read over this article.. It offers a lot of helpful advice on how you can deal with this situation. My husband had an affair with a woman from work. I found a receipt that he had a dinner and I was working that day and asked him about it , he denied the affair. After some time arguing and asking he finally admitted the affair. I had felt he was having an affair for sometime but he kept denying anything was going on.

I have forgiven him but it is so hard to trust anything he says. I am so hurt and that I love him , we have been together thirty years, but I know we can work on our marriage. How can we both overcome and be positive about our marriage? How do I forget images on my mind about her and him together? I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. Please give us a call at We would love to help you through all of this. Hi Kim we are reconciling. Since I last posted more about the affair has come about. Also my mother passed away. My husband says he really wants to make our marriage work.

He has since blocked her off Facebook and her numbers. I really love him but the the fear of finding out its a lie all over again makes me distrustful. I will be honest he is trying so hard. Am I wrong to feel this way? Am u being a bad person by saying I trust but deep down I do not? Do I have a right to feel this way? Will the feeling ever go away? I would prefer to stay not to use my name for now ,the same thing happened to me ,with my wife — I noticed that over the passed 18 months our relationship just started drifting further and further apart.

All i can part is if you are in a relationship love your treasure your time together as nowerdays we tend to spend so much ti me at work and less time with those who we love …I wish all of you the very best regards…. We are so sorry to hear of your pain. We drifted apart mostly due to my medications. But I keep hoping that one day my phone will ring or I will hear a knock at my door. I just hope that I live long enough for him to come around.

Each Dr has an opinion about my health. I pray to the gods every day for my son to live with the regret that all of the time we could have had together. My twins turns 21 in 3 months, but at least you know that your son wants to be with you. My Wife cheated on me 2 years ago and I found out on Facebook. The time I went to jail in Is there hope?

She just told my therapist a while back that she loves me. I Love my husband. Please tell me she will soften her heart back towards me and we reconcile. Give us a call at We can have one of our representatives talk to you more in depth about what you can do in your situation.

When I discovered my wife was having an affair, I knew it was my fault

I found out four years ago my husband had been soliciting acts of prostitution at strip clubs for the past 15 years. We have been married for 35 years. He has treated me poorly over the years and now I see why. He has been seeing counselors one after another and claims he wants to save the marriage but does little to help the relationship and continues to lie. He is very narcissistic and tells people what he thinks they want to hear. I want a loving relationship that with mutual respect which I believe he is incapable.

When you get a chance listen to some of our podcast. There are many people having similar issues as you. Here is the link to some of our podcast. I feel your pain. Mine had an inappropriate relationship with someone he met while he was working. I was told they were just friends…even by her but the funny thing is she was a secret…. I know it was a lie because there were too many signs pointing to an inappropriate relationship.

They were VERY close to the point he was trying to set up a play date with hers and our son. I was sick and waiting to have surgery when he decided to have his fling. I started noticing how he pulled away from me when I needed him the most. He became extremely unsupportive, hateful and emotionally abandoned me when I needed him the most. The night I came home from the hospital, he went to work and left me at home with a 9 year old and I could barely walk. Now, several years later, we have separated. I feel like I have to make an appointment to see him and every visit, every conversation escalates into an argument.

Oh, and he only wants to see me at our house…. He has emotionally shut down. We have had sex 1 time in 9 months and it was void of any feelings…. I felt empty afterwards. I have accused him of seeing someone, but he denies it. We would laugh about it and it was always no never. I continued to ask only because I had a feeling about one girl who im not friends with but has been in our circle time to time. She has always treated me differently. Finally after 5 years of asking he said yes one night I got really drunk and we landed in a car. It was before we got married and before we were engaged.

Im torn over the years of me asking. He says it meant nothing they never talked about it again. My heart is broken by the lies. Trying to figure out do I forgive for all the happy years we have had. The lies is ruining it al. This past weekend my fiance and I had a few friends over, everyone one was drinking besides me. Through the night a close buddy of mine was getting really touching with my fiance the only women around and I know how he is, I watched him do the same shit to other married women including my fiance mother.

I caught him as he tried to do it and and watched my fiance as well too.. Second time as I was still watching he attempted to do the same thing , this time it happenend and she seen I was watching.. Another important ingredient to healing was that we offered each other mercy while we were trying to change. When we slipped up, we tried not to get too bent out of shape over it because we both knew we were trying. It was like we were two parallel pendulums swinging back and forth, just missing each other. But it took time, self-control, and a strong commitment. Many of the habits we had established were very difficult to break.

Before, we would be waiting for the other person to make a mistake so we could point it out. But when we began this new cycle, I was trying to please her and she was trying to please me. Probably the one thing that helped me the most was the verse in 1 Peter where it instructs me to dwell with my wife in understanding.

But if the Bible tells us to dwell with our wives in understanding, it must be possible. Instead, I chose to think about the future we were building. I read Philippians , which helped me think about things that were pure, admirable, lovely and good. I learned that my wife is more sensitive than my buddy.

My Wife's Affair Shattered and Saved Our Marriage | FamilyLife®

But when I make fun of my wife, it breaks her down emotionally and spiritually. It hurts her and she pulls away from me. If I love her, why would I want to frighten her? The more I understood about my wife, and respected those God-given differences, the less we argued. As we extinguished the brushfires, the intimacy grew and our love grew. Soon, Nancy realized how much my forgiveness meant to her. She thanked me many times for being willing to take her back. She treated me with new respect and I began to appreciate her. I never regretted my choice to forgive Nancy. Her affair was a symptom of a terminally ill marriage.

She repeatedly told me how sad, lonely, and discouraged she felt and I selfishly tried to talk her out of her needs. Our marriage was a mess and a lot of that was my fault. The truth is the truth. Our theory is: Always work at fine-tuning your relationship. Never let your guard down for a moment. Never take each other for granted and be careful not to get caught up in emotions because our emotions can deceive us.

Our year-old son often sees us holding hands and sees that we are living examples of mercy and restoration. We exist to help you succeed in the three most important relationships in life.

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